English composition essay clep exam

Multiplied by 6 credits equals a significant savings! Because universities can be particular about which of the College Composition courses they will accept, it is best to wait to take this until you have been informed by an academic advisor how to proceed. A very good thing.

Since CLEP exams are entirely computer-based, you should receive your score immediately after completing the test except for College Composition and College Composition Modular, in which case you will receive your score in about four weeks. Use the information write an argument for or against the issue presented.

No exam is hard as long as you put enough effort and focus. Computer-based score must be at least 50 and examinee must receive a passing evaluation on the essay section. To schedule an appointment or get additional information on test requirements, fees and policies, please contact our office.

The majority of schools grant credit for a score of 50 or higher, but passing scores are determined by the individual schools and may vary. It is important to verify CLEP credit policies at each institution of attendance.

Individual schools and colleges may have limitations on the type and number of CLEP credits that can be applied to a degree. That being said, all you have to do is pass at the same level as a typical college student who received a grade of "C". Measures the ability to persuade a reader; to understand and compose an extended argument; English composition essay clep exam analyze and respond appropriately to written texts including literary texts; to use and document sources; and to recognize and write about revision and editing processes.

For CLEP tests which are repeated. The scores in the table below are endorsed by the American Council on Education as recommended credit-granting scores for each of the exams. Effective July 1,Secondary ID is not required.

What Is CLEP All About?

The College Composition Modular exam is different in that it contains multiple choice items and also an essay portion that is graded by the receiving university itself. To get you out of confusion on what really is the easiest test, let just say that it depends on your background, your likes, and on what topics you are more familiar or interested.

The instructions will be similar to this: For example, one university may grant 8 credits for a score of 50, 12 credits for a score of 62 and 18 credits for a score of Equivalencies may change up to the day before the exam.

Why is this great? The College Composition exam contains multiple-choice items and two mandatory, centrally scored essays. Credit and debit cards are not accepted for payment. You want to stand out and put a face on your essay. Is that content absolutely vital? It will help your essay stand out.

If not, dump it. It takes your essay from a pile of papers to having a personality. Permission to reprint granted. CLEP credits count toward the two courses taken elsewhere limit. Please register at least two weeks in advance of the desired test date.

Check out the Strategies to turn any essay from Good to Great below. In about a month, any score recipient, if you designate one at the start of the exam, will receive your official score report.

A grade of CR Credit is recorded on a student's transcript for successful completion of an examination that is accepted for credit. Some tests are just too hard and will require a huge background and understanding about the topic.

Even if you can't get on the waiting list, attend the first couple of classes. Students who pass this exam will earn 6 college credits and save themselves 15 weeks of class time.

For any exam, you should plan to allow at least two hours to complete testing. In essay two, you can use those kinds of evidence to make your case, but you must also use both of the passages provided in the question.

Transfer Students

The are more visually appealing and digestible good first impression. However, it will still depend on your preparations. If you qualify for a program at your college to help disadvantaged students succeed, then consider joining that.

The most important thing I would look into is whether your college and any universities you plan to apply to allow CLEP tests to meet prerequisites. Fees are payable to the University of Washington at the time of testing, in cash or check only.The university to which I am transferring this fall only grants 3 credit hours for a 50+ score on the English Composition CLEP exam (as credit for Composition I), so I will need to enroll in Composition II this summer to complete my English requirements prior to transferring.

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French Language On level 1 French Language exam FRE (4) On Level 2 French Language exam score 59 earns FRE & FRE (3 each) Freshman Composition No direct equivalent. Recommend English Composition with Essay. Replaced by College Composition Modular. COLLEGE-LEVEL EXAMINATION PROGRAM (CLEP). Equivalency Tables.

The Academic Policies section of the current Temple Undergraduate Bulletin describes a number of policies that relate to Credit for Prior Learning.

Official transcripts for courses from other institutions and official score reports should be sent directly to. Since our system works on your mobile browser, you can take your CLEP prep on the road!

Know When You’re Ready Our CLEP prep system tracks your progress through the study material and will let you know when you’re ready to take your CLEP exam. Alternatives: StraighterLine English Composition I and II Exam Description: The English Composition CLEP tests your ability in identifying errors in existing sentences and passages.

What Is CLEP All About?

You will need to have a basic understanding of good sentence structure, but will not necessarily be asked to explain "why" you chose the answer you did.

The College Composition Modular is a new CLEP test that replaced English Composition CLEP (without essay) and the Freshman College Composition CLEP more.

English composition essay clep exam
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